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The time has come that you want to either re-enroll in public school or enroll in public school for the first time but you are unsure if you can or what the steps are to do so. First off, I want to say this: the public school system LEGALLY HAS to accept your student. They cannot turn you away because public school is just that-public and open to all. They also have to accept you at any point in the school year. There is no cut off date for enrollment (that does vary with private schools as well as public school at home [K12 & Connections Academy]).
So once you have made the decision to enroll in public school, the first thing you should do is let your association director know that you will be withdrawing. Once you have let your association director know that you are withdrawing to return to public and when, if you have grades for your student(s)- you will want to format a transcript or report card with your students grades as well as courses taken. Some associations offer transcript and report card services for a fee, others just offer a template for you to do it yourself. For high school students, you want to compile all of the courses completed during homeschool (as well as any completed prior to homeschooling if applicable) into one transcript. Make sure you include the 5 required subject areas clearly on the transcript or report card. For more info see our blog post Does a homeschool high school student need a transcript?
Make sure you are using the correct grading scale for the school you will be enrolling into. Usually the grading scale is as follows:

For students Kindergarten-2nd grade:
N=Needs Improvement

For students over 3rd grade:

Once you have let your association director know and formatted a transcript or report card, you can now contact the school you will be enrolling to. Each school varies on their contact person for enrolling but usually if you call the school and let them know you want to enroll, they will get you in contact with the correct individual. Once your student is enrolled back into public school, the school will likely give them a placement test ( such as MAP testing) to see where they are academically.

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