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Creating your own high school courses:

With homeschooling, you have the flexibility to create courses to fit your students needs and interests. Even at the high school level, you can create your own courses for your student but there are a few things you will want to make sure you do when creating these courses:

The first thing you want to do is think of a formal course title for the class you are creating. My children are very interested in learning about birds, going on bird watching walks, & watching documentaries on birds. If I was going to create a high school course for them, I would call it: Intro to Ornithology. It looks professional on a transcript and sounds like exactly what it is, an introductory course to the study of birds.

The second thing you want to do is determine how many credits the course will be worth. 60-90 hours is equivalent to ½ a credit and 120-150 hours is worth 1 full credit. This can be done before the course is started while you are planning everything out or you can track how many hours are spent on the course and calculate it when finished.

The last thing will want to create a course syllabus for your course. I have personally created a lot of course syllabi being a college professor and they are very easy to do. They are basically a list of chapters and topics you plan to cover in the semester or year. You can create the list of topics as you go or at the end of the course as a review of what you covered and simply list the topics as week 1, week 2, etc.

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