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We are challenging our students to do more art this month!

We would love to see HHASC students create 8 art pieces to show off to everyone on our public page and private group. 
Here are some ideas below for them to choose from or they can come up with their own ideas:

  • Draw a picture using only circles.
  • Paint an outdoor landscape.
  • Using air dry clay, create a vase for flowers.
  • Create a mosaic piece of artwork (you can use tissue paper, cut construction paper, little colorful tiles, foam etc.)
  • Paint using watercolors.
  • Create a work of art using oil pastels.
  • Use sidewalk chalk to create something.
  • Finger knit a keychain.
  • Crochet or knit something.
  • Make a necklace or bracelet using material of your choice.
  • Make something using only recycled items.
  • Find a tutorial video to try a new craft.
  • Color using your non-dominant hand.
  • Create a bookmark.
  • Paint using something you found in nature instead of a paintbrush.
  • Make sand art.
  • Create a painting with spin art.

*These are just some ideas that students can pull from, feel free to come up with your own artistic ideas too! We can’t wait to see what our HHASC students create this month!

The challenge opens September 1st and closes September 30th at 8pm.

After the student completes their works of art, please log onto the Members Page of the website to upload the photos and student information so they can receive a participation certificate. Certificates will be emailed October 1st.

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