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There are so many benefits to adding arts and crafts to your homeschool routine, you can read about the top 10 here (

We want to challenge our members to do 4 art projects for the month of March.  After your student(s) has completed the college, please log onto the Members Page of the website and fill out the March Art Challenge form to receive their Participation Certificate.  

Here is a list of ideas to help give you some inspiration (you do not have to complete the items on this list- these are only to give you ideas):

  • Paint rocks
  • Finger knitting
  • Leaf pressing on air dry clay
  • Make paper flowers
  • Make a picture 3-D or look 3-D
  • A windchime using things found in nature
  • Paper Mache
  • Diamond art
  • String art
  • Tin foil art
  • Salt painting

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