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Let‚Äôs talk about Arts & Crafts! There are so many benefits to including arts and crafts into your homeschool routine (& it counts as learning just as Art class in traditional school counts ūüėČ)

Benefit #1: Helps Fine Motor Skills
Benefit #2: Improve Hand-Eye Coordination
Benefit #3: Increased Dexterity
Benefit #4: Encourages creativity and Self Expression (especially with emotions they may be feeling)
Benefit #5: Helps Improve Problem Solving Skills
Benefit #6: Improves Memory
Benefit #7: Improves a Child’s Decision-Making Skills
Benefit #8: Helps with Stress (crafts can be very relaxing)
Benefit #9: Helps with Self Esteem
Benefit #10: You are Making Memories Together

Some ideas for including art into your homeschool routine:

  • Work on scissor skills and cut snowflakes out of colored construction paper.
  • You can buy some clothes pins or popsicle sticks from the dollar store, paint them, then hot glue them together to create your own snowflakes, or ornaments.¬†¬†
  • Knit a blanket
  • Paint on a canvas
  • Learn to crochet snowflakes using YouTube tutorials.¬†
  • Origami¬†
  • Sew a simple pillow¬†
  • String art
  • Make paper flower¬†
  • Homemade bird houses
  • Cookie cutter bird feeders
  • Stain glass art
  • Tie dye items
  • No sew pillow or blanket
  • Make a homemade dream catcher
  • Grab a diamond art kit or paint by numbers kit
  • Make art challenges such as only using items found in natural
  • Make a bird perch using sticks
  • Make clothes for dolls
  • Create a paper Mache lantern
  • Have a party coming up? Try making decorations yourself
  • Create coasters¬†
  • Make homemade cards to mail to family and friends
  • In the Spring, paint planters to use for herbs and flowers
  • Make handmade jewelry¬†
  • Make candles
  • Grab some air-dry clay and create something¬†
  • Try felting
  • Make some homemade paper
  • Find a tutorial on Embroidery¬†
  • Make a wreath
  • Explore painting with watercolors
  • Paint rocks to hide around your neighborhood

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